Life Coach and Mentor

A life coach is a professional mentor who works with you to cultivate the right mindsets for success and personal growth.  The underlying attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives that shape how we perceive, and approach different aspects of our lives can have a significant impact on making and achieving goals. Timothy Chan has come from a diverse and colourful background and has weathered some amazing life experiences.  His life story is interesting, and the way he has grown through his experiences and embraced them as part of who he is is truly inspiring.  After becoming a father and working in the mines, Tim decided that his positive outlook and growth mindset is something that everyone can utilise to achieve their goals and set out to share his experience and free his clients from limiting beliefs, self-doubt, negative thought patterns and any other mindset barriers.

Some steps that a life coach or mentor may use to help you develop your mindsets:

Awareness:  Become aware of existing self-limiting mindsets and beliefs.  Identify negative thought patterns that may be hindering your progress.

Re-framing: Once limiting beliefs are recognised, a life coach can assist you in re-framing them into empowering and positive beliefs. 

Positive thinking: Just by changing simple though processes and making progress towards positive thinking can help you to cultivate a growth mindset and focus on your strengths, successes and opportunities.

Self-compassion: Self-compassion is a very important step in developing a growth mindset.  Developing a kind and understanding attitude towards yourself promotes self-acceptance and a resilient mindset.

Accountability: Perhaps the most significant role a life coach can offer in your development, is accountability.  They can help you stay focussed and committed to practising positive habits, challenging negative thoughts and reinforcing empowering beliefs.

By Working with a life coach you can develop the mental framework needed to overcome obstacles, embrace personal growth, and achieve your goals.  They provide guidance, tools and strategies to help you cultivate a mindset that fosters resilience, confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Workplace Training

Tim can work with you and your employees to help reach goals and feel empowered to reach a higher potential. Tim will personalise a program and provide resources to help your staff set and reach their goals.

One on One Training

Tim will work with you to identify existing self-limiting beliefs and work with you to identify your strengths and turn your mindset around with the aim to help you set goals and reach them.

Motivational Conferencing

Engage Tim to talk with a group of people about making positive changes to attitude and mindset, with a focus on how these things can change a person’s life significantly.

Other ways you can reach me…

I am passionate about making meaningful connections with people and would love for you to reach out. You can find me on socials below and when you are ready to catch up reach out to me via the contact form on my web page or send me a message. I can’t wait to work with you on reaching your higher potential!

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